CLM Doll FD157cm Sola(silicone head)

CLM Doll FD157cm Sola(silicone head)

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  • ☘ SKU:CLM FD157cm
    ☘ Manufacturer:CLM Doll
    ☘ Material:TPE Body + Silicon Head

Wig Style: 

Eyes Color: 

Skin Tone: 

Finger Nails: 

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Premium Body Options: 

Breasts Options: 

Pubic Hair: 

Vagina Options: 

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Key Features:

❥This is CLM Doll 8th anniversary special supply model

❥Sola doll is with a silicone head,TPE body and is made of very high configuration options.

❥She has articulated fingers, movable jaw, gel breasts, EVO skeleton and shrug shoulders, realistic oral function.

❥She's wearing simulated scalp wig, which is with very high quality

❥Believe us,she's worthy for you.





Order now, you will get below items for free!

1 x FREE articulated fingers
1 x FREE EVO Skeleton
1 x FREE Gel breasts
1 x FREE realistic oral
1 x FREE movable jaw
1 x FREE softer oral
1 x FREE simulated scalp wig


Doll Measurements:


❥This model in the photos is with a silicone head and TPE body.

Height(Model): FD157cm
Height(no head): 142cm(56in)
Upper Chest: 87cm(34.2in)
Lower Chest: 71cm(28in)
Waist: 60cm(23.6in)
Hip: 87cm(34.3in)
Shoulder: 35cm(13.8in)
Leg Length: 89cm(35in)
Thigh: 52cm(20.5in)
Arm Length: 68cm(26.8in)
Net Weight:38kg(83LB)
Weight after packed:45kg(99LB)
Oral depth:12cm
Vagina depth: 18cm
Anus depth:15cm






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