AngelKiss November Promotion
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AngelKiss November Promotion

Angelkiss Doll - High-end Silicone Doll Brand
Angelkiss Doll is a new silicone sex doll brand of Jinsan company which was established in 2022, producing high-quality full silicone sex dolls. Unveiling a range of dolls that are meticulously crafted from top-notch silicone, Angelkiss delivers a series of lifelike skinny sex dolls and Japanese sex dolls. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector, the high-end silicone dolls are set to elevate your experience with their unparalleled quality and design.

ROS for Silicone Heads
In line with their commitment to realism and innovation, Angelkiss has incorporated the “ROS” feature in their silicone heads, standing for “Real Oral Sex”, which are currently available for S198, S273, S266, LS59, LS60 silicone heads. The kissable mouth opens up showing the human-like teeth, tongue, and uvula. The ROS mouth doesn't just offer the possibility of oral sex but also contributes to making the doll's face more expressive.

Soft Body Options
Since the regular silicone material is relatively harder than TPE, so in order to create a soft and cozy tactile sensation, Angelkiss have developed some soft body options besides the common gel-filled breasts, such as soft thigh and soft butt. 


Angelkiss Doll's November Promotion:

+ Free Standing
+ Free Upgraded Skeleton
+ Free Gel Filled Breasts
+ Free Realism Body Makeup
+ Free Ultra Soft Thigh
+ Free Ultra Soft Vagina
+ Free Ultra Soft Boobs
+ Free Ultra Soft Butt
+ Free Silicone Socks
+ Free Extra Wig
+ Special discount: Breathing feature
+ Free 2nd ROS mouth(#198 #266 #273)