WM Doll's Innovation: New Material S- TPE
event_note  1 Jan

WM Doll's Innovation: New Material S- TPE

Hey everyone! Check out the exciting new development of WM Doll with their innovation of S-TPE material!  This new material is set to revolutionise in TPE doll making.  
The S-TPE material combines the advantages of silicone and TPE material. Besides, it has significantly improved its elasticity, softness and toughness.
This new materail greatly optimized body makeup details, it has realistic skin texture like the details of silicone body, but with TPE's good softness.

With strong elasticity and very good durability, this new material will bring you more new experience.

Wanna find the video of WM Doll S-TPE? Click here!

Now, WM Doll, YL Doll, Angelkiss Doll(TPE version) can choose S-TPE materail.

 It's an exciting time for the doll industry as doll factories are exploring the potential of these new materials.  Stay tuned for more updates on how S-TPE is shaping the future!