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1. How will be the doll shipped to me?


- We ship dolls by DHL, TNT or UPS. All shipping is fast and secure. You’ll get a tracking number after the doll is sent out to you.If you want to use another shipping company, you need to inform us and pay more for shipping if needed.


2. If I order many dolls, could you unite shipping?


- If you order more than 1 doll it's better to send them separately because two dolls in 1 box could mean trouble. Dolls could arrive damaged and we wouldn't be able to give you a refund then.


3. Could you ship dolls by the sea?


- Process is complicated when you want to have shipping by the sea. If you buy many dolls at 1 time we can organize it.


4. How to clean my doll?


- For each doll it's different. We suggest that you wash you fabric and silicone doll with a wet washcloth.


5. I saw your dolls cheaper on another site, can you sell it cheaper?


- I'm sorry but it's impossible for others to sell those dolls cheaper. We have a production and also special agreements with a couple of manufacturers in China so we can sell their dolls in the same retail price as it's listed in China ( or even cheaper ).


Many people are scammers that do not have anything to do with us.


6. Could you do a custom fabric or plush doll for me?


- Yes. It's possible! You would need to send to us a project of the doll and tell to us what material you would like to use. We would have to check materials, project etc and then decide what price it would have. We don't promise any price until we don't see the project.


7. Could you sew many fabric dolls for me so I can sell them?

- Yes! As above we would need a project if you would like to start your own brand. We promise you also protection and that we wouldn't sew the same doll to sell it anywhere in retail price. Cooperation like this is TOP SECRET ;) Minimum wholesale order is 10 dolls in 1 time... If you order more we have special cheap prices for you.


8. Can I get a discount if I buy two dolls?

- Yes. We always give some discount if you buy more than 1 doll.


9. What payment options are available?

- Paypal, T/T, Western Union.


10. Can I give my doll back if I don't like her?

- No. It's a sex toy so it isn't possible. We ask you to kindly think over if a sex doll or a sex product  is the right thing for you and read the descriptions in advance.