Piper Full Platinum Silicone-140cm Ariel lovely sex doll

Piper Full Platinum Silicone-140cm Ariel lovely sex doll

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  • ☘ SKU:Piper S 140cm Ariel
    ☘ Manufacturer:Piper Doll
    ☘ Material:Silicon

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Pubic Hair Color: 

Labia Color: 

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1.Seamless Neck Design,making doll head and body seamless. This is the biggest feature of Piper Doll.

2.Made of Platinum Silicone (silicone head and silicione body)

3.Vaginal, anus sex is possbile, silicone dolls do not have oral capability

3.Order now, you will get below free items:

1 x FREE Hard Hands
1 x FREE Hard Feet
1 x FREE EVO Skeleton
1 x FREE Hanging Hook
1 x FREE Enhanced Mouth
1 x FREE Slip-on Shoes
1 x FREE Piper Hair Brush
1 x FREE Lingerie
1 x FREE Dry Stick
1 x FREE Piper Cloak
1 x FREE Ultra realistic makeup


Material : Platinum Silicone with foam core

Height : 140 cm

Net Weight :22kg

Shoulder : 37cm

Bust : 75cm

Under Bust : 51 cm

Waist : 45 cm

Hip : 85 cm

Length of Arm : 43 cm

Length of Leg : 72cm

Length of Foot : 18.5 cm

Depth of Oral : Non

Depth of Anal : 16 cm

Depth of Vagina : 18cm

Vagina : Fixed only

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